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We have a signature pack appasleep at motivated pack working, we pack in an impact player pack these are 50 liters. And they're all guaranteed crazy elite, and yes this is going to be absolutely insane, i'm calling it the big five , I guess but everything like the best pecs. You can get the game.

I think, but yeah it all together these costs like a million coins. So hopefully you guys enjoy smack, that like button for these crazy packs. And let's get right and honestly, I have no idea where to start something about the influence of big Boulders, that impact these ones, you do not sell i believe so yeah hopefully. It's on my small Ball lineup and its eyes and Thomas. I'm gonna be very angry, because already have him. So we're real and three two One boom ok what lineup are there a gold one sharing fry in the shooting line up. That's okay okay, so that was not really. But whatever okay um. I'm gonna say let's go with the elite rookie player.

Let on, please not a four right three two one. Let's just face came at the next boom always like. We pulled buddy hield know Jerry Brown, that's actually a good one considering. What i put in so there. This week campus hero hopefully. We can pull someone out the FaceCam. It works pretty well hopefully Oh 87 treuburg yes. That's a good one okay signature player series. This method is awesome 86 just Paula soul. That's another good one surprise has been pretty Good.

Okay, here we go moderators. Please be higher than a 4850 can google Marcus all let's start looking these up yes. I want to start with Marcus. All because i do not think that was a very good one mark. Whistle e5 300 ok That was a good one actually. So he goes for 175 k there. We go ok let's look up Pau Gasol. 90 dang ok 250k pole right there. I'm taking it to 50k for focus all and let's get on the gene brown around .

I go gonna go over to e5 cells there. We go making tons of coins on that and the big one tray fur goes for 350 k day there. We go that was worth worth it. I think the campus was the best one campus. And we and then, we do have training fri so we should got a lot of points back to lose any coins. But I got to my team let's put training fri in boom Channing. Frye is in over here so yeah, he's definitely gonna be Good in the shoe liner. He already has 93 three-pointer. But i'm going to be updating my team some. So yeah that's what's this about them. Want to get him, at least the price.